Marlene Monnar, CH
Healing Natural, Salem, NH

Marlene teaches hypnotism, past life regression, and intuitive development. She combines her skills with hypnotism, coaching, and giving spiritual direction to the needs and challenges of clients. Marlene earned a Masterís degree in business management and five years later earned her Masterís degree in Education, with an emphasis on counseling.

Ramona Garcia, CH
Open Door, Salem, NH

Ramona is an international psychic, hypnotist and entertainer who lectures on parapsychology, NLP (Neuro-Linquistic Programming), success motivation, hypnotism, and the powers of the subconscious mind. She was chosen one of the Top Ten Psychics in the World for health predictions by Globe Magazine. She received certification from James Van Praagh, renowned psychic, medium and producer of the TV Series, Ghost Whisperers. Ramona is an ordained Spiritualist Minister.

Dawn Whiting
MBS, CH owner and founder
 Dawn is owner and founder of the Concord Hypnosis & Wellness Center. She brings a wealth of knowledge from a variety of backgrounds. She has been involved with hypnosis for over 11 years. She became certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists in 2007. Dawn also trained with Brian Weiss, MD in Past Life Regression and received her certification from the Weiss Institute. Dawn works in traditional hypnosis as well as complementary holistic therapies. She was trained in Shamanic Healing work by Ipupiara, a shaman from Brazil and by Cleicha, a Shaman from Peru. Dawn has been a guest speaker on various radio shows in the Concord and Manchester area. Dawn earned a Masterís Degree in Business from Husson College (now Husson University).